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English Translations

Et barn er født I Betlehem / A child is born in Bethlehem (Norwegian)

A child is born in Bethlehem Now rejoices Jerusalem Hallelujah

A lowly virgin sits in secret And births heaven’s kingly son Hallelujah

She laid him in a manger stall God’s angels sang with joy of it Hallelujah

But ox and ass stood by And saw our God and Lord was good Hallelujah

From Saba came three kings Gold, spices, myrrh they offered him Hallelujah

Gullet Buori Sága/Høyr den Gode Tidend/Hear the Season’s Blessings (Sami/Norwegian)

Hear the season’s blessings of joy for our world from that tiny child Mary has born here.  His name is Jesus for he is our Savior. On Christmas night our songs rise to him who is now in heaven on high.

Come anew to us our King in the manger’s glory. Be our friend and savior like when first you came to earth. His name is Jesus for he is our Savior. On Christmas night our songs rise to him who is now in heaven on high.

Huron Carol (Huron)

Have courage sky people, Jesus is born. Behold, the devil who has held us prisoner has fled. Do not listen to him, for he corrupts our hearts and minds. Jesus is born.

The sky spirits have brought a message for us They are coming to say, Rejoice Jesus is born. Mary maid, has given birth; Jesus child, is born a king. Jesus is born.

Han er Hellig/He is Holy (Norwegian)

He is holy, he is whole. He is always ever more than we ever understand.  He is always at hand. Blessed is he our Lord, Blessed is he our God. His birth on our earth, is the light of our lives.

He is holy. He is wholeness. He is present. The whole cosmos praises him. Gloria, Gloria our God.

Mitt hjerte alltid vanker / My heart often visits (Norwegian)

My heart often visits in Jesus’ manger stall. There gather my thoughts completely as one. There my longing finds its home. There is my faith’s treasure. I can never forget, that blessed Christmas night

That dark manger stall is my heart’s palace of joy. There daily I can learn to forget the world’s insults. There, with thanks, I find where my praise endures. When I remember Jesus’ manger, love fills my heart.

I gladly accept that palm branches will be strewn around your cradle. For you alone, I live, yearn and die. Come let my soul here find its rightful joyful time. For you are born right here, in the bottom of my heart.

Julekveldsvise/Christmas Eve Song (Norwegian)

Now we’ve scrubbed the floors and the logs are carried in, And we have fed the birds and the Christmas Tree is trimmed. So now we’ll just sit down and rest and silence we will keep, And I will rock the cradle while your baby brother sleeps.

Come sit here by the window, we’ll look up in the sky.
We’ll see if we can see the Christmas star up high. Yes, there it is, the brightest one, the clearest light it gives - You see it shining over the roof where midwife Matja lives.

She is so kind that star, she blinks the clearest by far. And listen as I tell you the story of that star. The first time she shone she made a bridge from heaven to earth. And led right to the stable where the newborn babe was laid.

Nå Tennes Tusen Julelys/Now Shine a Thousand Christmas Lights (Norwegian)

Now shine a thousand Christmas lights on the earth dark and cold. And a thousand, thousand lights stream also in heaven’s highest hall.

In every heart cold and dark, send a gentle beam. A beam of God’s love as a seal in this blessed Christmastime.